Net 30 Terms

Does ProFlowUSA offer NET 30 Terms credit accounts?

Yes, we offer Net 30 Terms for customers who meet our credit standards and also who meet an annual purchase minimum of $10,000.

How can my company apply for Net 30 Terms?

Companies who meet our minimums (see answer above) can apply for Net 30 by Net30 Credit Application or emailing us at and requesting a Net 30 application.

What happens after I turn in my application?

Also, once you turn in your application, we will then verify the information provided and decide whether or not you are approved for a Net 30 account. You will be notified either way.

Will my company still be able to place orders online after we are approved?

Yes.  Furthermore, once you are approved, we will modify your ProFlowUSA account so that you’ll be able to purchase on ProFlowUSA with your PO.

Pls Contact SRS for any more information and concerns

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