Industries Served

ProFlowUSA Industries Served includes the pharmaceutical, petroleum, food and beverage, biofuels, oil and gas and the chemical industries.

In the chemical industry, there are various categories, products and complex technologies.  Miscellaneous pollutants in large quantities and high toxicity are discharged during the production.  Therefore, it’s vital for the chemical industry to achieve sustainable development and reduce harmful emissions.

The modern day chemical industry has committed itself to reducing emissions and improving the safety & environmental protection of factories.   Consequently, they also encounter severe government management requirements which vary for different countries and markets.  As a result, ProFlowUSA offers excellent products to meet requirements in chemical industry.  For that reason, ProFlowUSA owns all applicable international accreditations and meet the most stringent environmental requirements, including Europe TA Luft, ISO 15848 and SHELL 77/312 FE standards. ProFlowUSA’s network and powerful manufacturing capability combined with abundant experience and technical knowledge helps customers to realize continuous technical innovation in chemical industry.

Major Applications and ProFlowUSA Industries Served:

Refinery Chemical and Pharmacy
Basic Chemical Conventional

Food and Beverage
Printing and Gravure

Waste Water Treatment
Extraction of Oils
Sanitary Industry

Major Products:

Coriolis Flow meters
Turbine Flow Meters
Vortex Flow Meters
Ultrasonic Flow Meters

SRS Industries served

As increased global demand in hydrocarbon depletes once established reservoirs, the complexity, cost, and difficulties of finding and extracting new reservoirs have been steadily increasing.

Furthermore, as companies face longer rig times, dangerous environments and increasingly the need to navigate through complicated networks of governance and environmental compliances ProFlowUSA will keep expanding its abilities to provide viable solutions to the challenges of modern day oil and gas production.


Upstream is the exploration and refining of crude oil both on and off shore.  Moreover, ProFlowUSA continuously improves its technical capabilities and global sales network to offer customers valve solutions that above all control costs.


Midstream is the implementation of safe and efficient transportation of oil & gas products between production and storage areas to the processing plants and consumers.  Also, as a result, ProFlowUSA has abundant experience in pipeline and transmission valves which enables customers to stay flexible and adapt to a changing market.


Downstream process involves refineries and processing plants of oil & gas products.  In addition, these operation plants require a large variety of different valves which are a necessity due to the various final products.

In conclusion, ProFlowUSA has a large offering of different valves enabling clients to minimize operating cost by reducing logistic complexity and assist in compliance to various environmental and governmental criteria.

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