Mission Statement

ProFlowUSA’s Mission statement is to provide the customer with a well rounded service at the start of the inquiry to the ordering process, during the shipment and after order.  Our mission statement is that we understand that in order to stay in business we need to provide outstanding service to our clients.

The guiding principles by which we manage our business:

  • Understanding our clients’ needs so that we can provide a solution best suited for our client
  • Provide the most cost-effective solution for our clients to increase their bottom line
  • Taking pride in our work and honor our products
  • Maintaining ongoing relationship with our customers

We achieve success by:

  • Putting our clients’ needs first
  • also, adopting the newest technology that is most suited to our client’s application
  • In addition, Holding the highest safety standards
  • Maintaining good relationships with our vendors
  • Finally, Encouraging teamwork to get the job done

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