Ultrasonic Flow Meter

A Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a flow measurement device best suited for flow measurements where the introduction of moving parts presents problems.  Sensitivity to variations in the process conditions are low and with no moving parts have relatively low wear compared to other types of flow meters.

An ultrasonic flow meter is a type of flow meter that measures the velocity of a fluid with ultrasound to calculate volume flow. Using ultrasonic transducers, the flow meter can measure the average velocity along the path of an emitted beam of ultrasound, by averaging the difference in measured transit time between the pulses of ultrasound propagating into and against the direction of the flow or by measuring the frequency shift from the Doppler effect. Ultrasonic flow meters are affected by the acoustic properties of the fluid and can be impacted by temperature, density, viscosity and suspended particulates depending on the exact flow meter. They vary greatly in purchase price but are often inexpensive to use and maintain because they do not use moving parts, unlike mechanical flow meters.


An Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a type of flow meter that measures the flow rate of a fluid by using ultrasonic waves. It operates based on the principle that the speed of sound waves in a fluid is affected by the velocity of the fluid, and this change in the speed of sound can be used to calculate the flow rate of the fluid.

An Ultrasonic Flow Meter consists of two ultrasonic transducers that are placed on opposite sides of the fluid flow. One of the transducers emits an ultrasonic pulse, which travels through the fluid to the second transducer. The second transducer then receives the pulse and measures the time it takes for the pulse to travel from the first transducer to the second transducer. By measuring the time it takes for the ultrasonic pulse to travel between the two transducers, the flow rate of the fluid can be calculated.

The advantages of Ultrasonic Flow Meters include their high accuracy, their ability to measure flow rates in both liquids and gases, their ability to measure bidirectional flow, and their ability to measure flow rates without interfering with the flow of the fluid. They are commonly used in industries such as water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, and HVAC systems.

However, Ultrasonic Flow Meters may not be suitable for applications where the fluid contains solid particles or where the fluid has a high viscosity. Additionally, they may require periodic calibration to maintain their accuracy, and their accuracy may be affected by changes in fluid temperature, pressure, and composition.

In-line sensors also have

  • Guaranteed accuracy thanks to traceable factory calibration
  • Robust industrial design in accordance with ASME and EN
  • Short inlet runs
  • For pipelines up to 8″

 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Features:

  • The unique isolated sensor design allows for replacement without breaking the process seal
  • Increase plant availability and reduce potential leak points with a gasket-free meter body with no moving parts
  • Eliminate downtime and maintenance costs associated with plugged impulse lines with a non-clog meter body design
  • Achieve vibration immunity with a mass balanced sensor and Adaptive Digital Signal Processing with visual filtering
  • A standard internal signal generator included in every meter simplifies electronic verification
  • All meters arrive pre-configured and hydrostatically tested, hence making them ready and easy to install
  • Simplify SIS compliance with available dual and quad Vortex

If this flow meter does not meet your application requirements pls select the following:  Coriolis or mass, Vortex, Turbine or electromagnetic.

In conclusion, the instruments can be used in a variety of applications.   Industries ranging from oil & gas and municipal/wastewater to building automation and factory automation to solar and Semicon.

Finally, Pls Request a quote on ultrasonic flow meters for your application or contact ProFlowUSA to learn more.

Additional information

Connection Ends

Flanged, Wafer, Triclamp


24VDC, 120 / 208 VAC


1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4"


General Duty, Intrinsically Safe, Explosion Proof, General Duty





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